About Us

About US

Varuna Biocell Pvt. Ltd. (Teamvaruna) is a research driven bio-technology company based in Varanasi, India. The company has been formed with the primary objective to bring innovative bio-technology products to market through non-infringing research in bio-sciences. Teamvaruna undertakes development, manufacturing and marketing of Agribiotech, Industrial & Speciality enzymes & recombinant protein products.

We also offer a wide range of contract research & fermentation manufacturing services to pharmaceutical, bio-technology and related companies. A multi disciplinary team of scientists, managers and engineers work on various biotech products at Teamvaruna's DSIR approved R&D facility in Varanasi. The company's R&D facility is equipped with state of the art infrastructure for product and process development of various biological products. The company also has a fully equipped pilot and production scale fermentation facility.

Teamvaruna has its proprietary technologies for large scale screening of enzymes for novel applications as well as for screening of highly potent enzymes for common Industrial applications.

Teamvaruna has dedicated pilot scale as well as production scale submerged fermentation facilities for the process development & production of Industrial & Speciality Enzymes. We offer enzymes in formulated, concentrates and / or purified forms as per customer requirements. Our production facilities have high quality downstream processing equipments for purification of enzymes upto the level as desired by the customers application requirement. We also undertake custom fermentation and enzyme development as per specific customer requirements. 

Enzymes on which we have strong technical expertise & production capabilities are mentioned in menus above.

The Philosophy

Team Varuna is an institution of like-minded people associated together with the natural family like bonds of trust, faith and love for each other. We believe in the teachings of `Geeta’ and derive pleasure and satisfaction in the sheer perfection of a good job done. Appreciation from our customers is the reward.

The Organisation 

Team Varuna is people oriented and people driven. It believes in the tremendous potentials of a human being. It has got open organizational architecture. To dream, to think, to communicate positively and to use common sense are the traits in its people, which provide vibrations and dynamism to the organization. 

The Care

Team Varuna admires the purity and blissful feeling associated with the finest definition of love `Vatsalya’ which comes from the wholesome care of her child by the mother. It is extreme of the joy.  This inspires us to care for our people, our customers, our society, our world, our nature

We Care Naturally!

The Mission

To make our customers and consumers delighted by caring for their needs, whoever he is - wherever he is - truthfully, sincerely and honestly.

To become integral and valuable part in the value chain for delivery of better technology, products and services for satisfying the need of end consumer making him / her happier and delighted - 

By excellent products, efficient services, passionate counseling and natural care.

Our Ethics

We promote integrity, openness, trust, honesty and a high standard of ethics in our group. We will compete in our chosen markets strongly but fairly. We will minimise politics in our businesses. Opportunities and promotion are given on merit, based on track record and high personal standards of integrity.

Our businesses increasingly work together where it makes good business sense to do so –with common customers, common technologies, shared utilisation of our facilities and learning/sharing experiences together.

We believe in keeping promises to customers and suppliers – and to our employees. We work hard not to over promise and under deliver in anything we do. Listening to the voice of the customer and bringing the voice of the customer into all parts of our businesses is crucial to a market driven business culture. Also if you treat customers, and colleagues as you would like to be treated yourself, then you won’t go far wrong.

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